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You are here because you are interested in making money with our expert sports picks.  Dynamite Sports Picks is here to provide you with winning sports betting picks that will make you more profits than you can imagine.  We provide you with expert football picks, basketball picks, and baseball picks that have proven to make money again and again.   I guarantee that we have a few of the best sports handicappers in the business.

Winning lots of money with sports betting picks for every customer is our mission.  Along the way we hope you really enjoy our service and have fun since everyone obviously has more fun when we are cashing BIG Profits!


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Our Expert Sports Handicappers have proven over and over again that we can provide consistent profits for each sport.  Check out our records on the left side of the website and see the records over the years!

For bios of our handicappers, visit our About Us page.

Purchase Sports Packages NOW! All packages Guaranteed Profits or Package Extended!


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  • You will be impressed with how great our expert sports handicapping team is.
  • You will love how easy it is by getting your picks sent to you every morning.
  • You will be given excellent and quick customer service for all of your questions.
  • Most important, you will love the consistent money you will be making using our picks.

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For more information on how to receive these expert sports picks, please visit our Purchase Sports Packages page.  The process to get these picks is easy, secure, and guaranteed to make you profits!

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Sports Packages for BIG Profits

We have sports packages available for all of your favorite sports to bet on all year round.  Check out our College Football and NFL Sports Betting Packages for consistent winners and BIG Profits every year!  NBA and College Basketball Picks is a long season of betting winners with our expert picks to get you through the Winter.  Also, don’t forget about betting our baseball picks with us as well to build up your bankroll before football starts!  Many packages to choose from and we guarantee profits on all of our sports picks packages or we extend your package until you do profit with Dynamite Sports Picks!


Insider All Sports Picks Packages

These are our Insider Sports Picks for all sports.  These picks come at a hefty price for us and we pass down the savings to our clients with excellent picks.  See more about the Insider Sports Picks on our About Us page or go to the Buy Packages page to start making money.  As much as we want to see everyone getting these picks, please be ready to go with a nice bankroll so we can have a long and very profitable run together!

These 50 Unit Insider Sports Picks speak for themselves!  Just check out the past records!

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Dynamite Sports Picks Customer Testimonials

Some testimonials from our favorite customers.  This is what drives us to do better and provide kick-ass sports picks!  We love your feedback and would love to hear from all of our valuable customers.


Thanks Charles.  You guys do it right.

Craig from Charleston talking about customer service.  I was happy to help and seems the customer service along with solid picks has turned Craig into a life-long customer.  Glad to have everyone aboard.


Wow, seriously? 11-0 in 1 day?

Joe from Edmonton talking about Week 2 of the 2011 NFL Season.  Went 11-0 for +125 Units.  Customers were obviously ecstatic.  Haven’t done it since but been very profitable.

Loving these baseball Picks Charles.  Can’t wait to start football with you guys.  I hope they are just as good.

Thanks Eddie from St. Paul.  Signed up a month into the 2013 baseball season and been on the winning side ever since.   And yes Eddie, the football picks are just as good.  Lots of profits to be made.


Purchase Sports Packages NOW! All packages Guaranteed Profits or Package Extended!


Thanks Dude!  I parlayed the 8 night games for fun and wasn’t expecting you to win them all.  You can bet I’ll be getting your 1 Month Package next.

Josh from Huntsville cashing a big payday.  Not that we condone big parlays, but we love hearing about everyone’s fun betting stories.

Crazy.  How many winning days in a row is that now?

Brad from Del Rio in the middle of our NCAAF Hot Streak in 2012.  I believe it ended up being 11 profitable days in a row if I recall correctly.



Thanks everyone for stopping by and taking a look at our website and sports picks service.

Charles Harris

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