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Meet the Dynamite Sports Handicapping Team

We have established one of the most talented and intelligent handicapping teams you will find anywhere.  I can definitely say these are some of the best sports handicappers on the planet.  Charles, Brian, and Jordan combined with our Insider picks make our clients more money than they imagined when signing up with us.  Our expert sports handicappers have years of experience. They are all exceptional at finding the key angles and games that lead to a high percentage of big sports picks winners! Here is our team of handicappers and what they provide us and our clients.

Why Dynamite Sports Picks is Different

We at Dynamite Sports Picks pride ourselves on offering the best sports picks available while being honest and credible.  Our customer service is top notch and our main goal is to ensure that you succeed with our picks.  Try out one of our sports packages and we will aim every day to show you how great of a decision it was to join forces with Dynamite Sports Picks!

Charles Harris – MLB and NBA

Charles Harris is an experienced and savvy handicapper, breaking down MLB and NBA games for Dynamite Sports the past ten years and many years on his own beyond that.  Charles uses power rankings and value betting to analyze the best plays every day.  He has had very much success generating large profits for our customers last year and is stepping it up to a new level of success this year.

NBA is his main sport finding much value in situational plays and totals all year for consistent money-making for everyone.  Don’t miss his large total plays either as his plays over 10 units have hit at over 64% last year.   2021 will be no different as he has done most of his homework and preparation already and is geared up for a Monster season in another long and profitable NBA season.

Charles Harris implements a value betting system in MLB that has worked great since 2010 and improved even more every year since.  He has a knack for finding the value underdogs and plays a big board of money lines and totals that make a killing over the whole season.  August/September are the key months for making money in baseball as the dogs get great value and the books pay more attention to football.  2020-21 NBA Season we hope to be the biggest profitable season yet!

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Brian Reims – NFL and NCAAF

Brian Reims has years of experience handicapping sports and has focused purely on football since joining the Dynamite Sports team ten years ago.  Brian has turned a solid profit each of the nine years here at Dynamite Sport.

Brian has turned profits each year in the NFL as well following handicapping trends and situational games that give him an edge over the oddsmakers and the betting public.  Brian’s NFL profits have been consistent in the NFL each and every year and will continue to make money for all his loyal followers along with some newcomers ready to start making serious money in football every week.

College football no doubt has been the money-making sport for Brian as he looks forward to tearing up the NCAAF season once again.  Look no further than Brian’s picks every week where he makes BIG Profits for everyone.  He has an amazing ability to find value picks and consistent winners in college football while handing out at least 15-20 picks along with his big plays as well every week.

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Jordan Hawkins – NCAAB

Jordan Hawkins was a newcomer in 2012 to the Dynamite Sports team and did an exceptional job posting over 200 units of profit.  He only does College Basketball for us but he does it well focusing hard on the small conferences with their erroneous lines and totals.  Jordan will continue to make money hand over fist because of how much time he spends studying the teams from every conference and how he finds value in those teams with the public perception along with the lines and totals that are given.

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Insider Sports Picks – All Sports

We have an inside source from Las Vegas where we get these key picks about 5-6 times a week.  We have to keep the source anonymous to continue to get these picks and we do have to pay a hefty fee to keep getting these winners.  We hope you can join us for this package to make money with everyone else!

These Insider picks are given to us about 5-6 times a week when an extreme angle is found and line placement is way off.  We pass on the picks to you right when we receive them so you can get on these picks early and with confidence.

While our other sports packages have plays from 5-10 units and sometimes up to 15 or 20 for big plays, these Insider picks we play for 50 units for every play.   We have seen the history of these plays and never doubt any play that comes through.  If you are looking for the occasional big plays that hit at an incredible percentage, this is the perfect sports package for you.  As you can tell by the updated records on the left side of the website, this is what our clients get when they are ready to make serious money.

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History of Dynamite Sports Picks

Charles Harris and Brian Reims started offering this service for the first time in 2009.  Both have had many years experience handicapping with exceptional results before that on their own, but took the next step and devoted 100% of their time to making great selections and passing on these services to a group of clients.  Dynamite Sports Picks started to take off when our clients jumped on and realized how much money we were helping them make with each and every one of our sports packages.

The Dynamite Sports Team made a great deal of money with our regular packages but decided to pursue another venture to bring us to the next level.  We invested largely in an Inside Source in Vegas for the beginning of 2010.  We wanted something extra to push Dynamite Sports past our competitors and be established as the one-stop service to get all handicapping picks.  This Inside Sports Picks service turned out to be a gigantic success and our clients have endlessly thanked us for finding these picks for them.   To go along with making consistent long-term money with our sports packages, we now had the big plays that could be counted on a few times a week for our clients that liked to wager large.  We will keep looking for more angles just like this to pass on the profits on like always.

We didn’t stop there though.  In the fall of 2012, we added another great asset to our team by adding Jordan Hawkins in to just cover NCAAB selections and aid the rest of the team in statistical and trends research.   This took our service to a new level of excellence and consistency.  We will continue to look into  if other sports or wagering options are of interest for our clients and to find excellent handicappers to continue to serve them.