Sports Betting Money Management

Money management in sports betting is not a straightforward system or style for everyone.  Each person has their own approach and goals to their sports betting portfolio.

When betting with Dynamite Sports Picks, it is important to understand how the number of picks we offer and the unit sizes of the picks work with your sports betting money management system.

Let us walk through all of the important points that should determine what you should wager for our sports picks.  It is still your decision how much to wager on each sports pick, but we hope this will help you figure out what that amount is for you.


Number of Sports Picks

We at Dynamite Sports Picks offer a lot of picks with each of our sports packages.  We can offer up to 10 picks a day for a sport and sometimes closer to 20 picks a day on the really big college football-basketball days.

For those only interested in a few bigger picks should  wager mainly with the 15 & 20 Unit Picks or take a look at our Insider Packages.   We believe that giving out more picks offers more advantages for profiting in the short term and long run strategies.

Offering more picks also means we have to take into consideration how much of your bankroll is tied into betting at one time.  More sports picks also means more consistent profits instead of losing one big pick and it ruining a whole day or week of profits.


Unit Sizes of Sports Picks

We have fairly simple unit sizes in our sports packages with 5, 10, 15, & 20 Unit Picks.  We used to offer various unit sizes in between, but for simplicity’s sake we keep it to just these sizes now.

We recommend playing the unit sizes as is because the bigger picks are obviously the picks we have more confidence in.  Some customers straight bet our picks and that can be a simple solution that will still profit greatly.


Choosing the Right Unit Size

A unit is a standard label because it is a different amount of money for everyone.  You should set a standard unit size for yourself whether it is $5 or $100 depending on your bankroll.  This will make it much simpler to bet using our picks and make consistent profits with us.

The unit size you use will also depend on many variables such as what size your betting bankroll is, how aggressive you want to be, and what your goals are for your sports betting investment.  We recommend an average unit bankroll percentage of 0.5% per 1 Unit.  A 20 Unit Pick with a starting bankroll of $2000 would be $200.


Changing Unit Size

We do not recommend changing unit sizes often.  Even when you have a big week or two of winning, if you increase your unit size too much it can wipe out any profits you should still be having.  At the most, we recommend re-evaluating your unit size once a month.  Once you become more familiar and comfortable you can figure out your own sports betting money management system.


Aggressive vs. Conservative Approach

You may be looking for fast results and quick payouts which would mean you want an aggressive approach to sports wagering.  We would still recommend not going higher than 1% per Unit because it will be much riskier.

We do have losing days and weeks as everyone does and we want you to bounce back with us the next week because our MAIN GOAL is that everyone profits with these picks.  We HATE having a great profitable month for a customer and they haven’t made any money because of money management issues.  Hopefully this article will help you avoid that problem.

A conservative approach would be closer to 0.25% per Unit and will lead to a much longer and safer plan for making money.  It requires more patience but will be a much higher percentage of success.  We recommend somewhere in between but your approach depends on your end goals.


End Goals of Sports Betting

The end goal for betting on sports is basically the same for everyone and that is to make money and have some fun.  You need to decide if you just want to make some quick money or if you want to set up for a long consistent income stream.

If you are looking for some quick and fast payouts from your bookie, then take the aggressive approach and we can deliver you a big week of profits that won’t make your bookie happy at all.  It will be fun and everyone loves to collect on their winnings.

However, we recommend taking the long-term investment approach.  After you sign up for one of our sports packages, stay within your means for your unit sizes and we will come out ahead every time.  This is an investment strategy because that is what sports betting is to us.  In the long run using our sports picks as a long-term strategy is very profitable as long as you don’t focus too much on the ups and downs.  It is also wise to get a longer duration package to take advantage of a better cost-benefit value, but we do understand if you need to test us out first for a week or month so we can show you how good we are.



Thanks for reading this article and please implement the correct sports betting money management strategy for you.

Contact us if you have any other questions or comments regarding money management or how much you should wager for our picks.