Where to Bet

This article is to help give you a few sportsbook/bookie options for you to make your wagers along with 1 surprising option that is best and easier than you think!

First of All, I have links to a few sites and an email but I receive absolutely no commissions from any of this.  If it is one thing I hate, it is looking at articles to find this information and they are only selling you the best bonus options to make more money themselves instead of best customer experience.

Best Options for U.S. Players to Bet:

Online SportsBooks

Online Sportsbooks such as Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie all give you quick and easy options with Big Bonuses to lure you in.  Main Advantage is how fast you get setup and betting right away.  Main Disadvantages are never being able to have any kind of credit and unsure of how they will handle a big payout you have.  Overall, I still think these sites are good options and would look at a few of the top ones with links above and see which websites give you the best options and bonuses you are looking for.

Local Bookie

A Local Bookie can be a great source but it varies so much on who your local person is or how big of an operation they run.  Main advantage is being able to usually bet on credit as long as you are a decent client.  Main disadvantages depend on who it is but includes being hard to find, inconvenient to place wagers, and bet limits can be low.  Best place to find a local small bookie would be to ask around at a sports bar.  Not the best option but doesn’t mean it is bad either.

Online BitCoin Bookie

An Online Bookie is the best option in this day of age.  We recommend an Online BitCoin Bookie for those that enjoy the discreteness involved but still gives you ease of use.  We recommend Brad’s BitCoin Bookie Service and have had zero issues or complaints from clients(20+ clients that I know of for sure) we recommended to them too. 

Main advantages are discretion, easy to use, and can credit options.  Main disadvantage is using someone you’ve never met.  Email Brad if interested than he will send you some quick info.  After signing up with bitcoin he gives you login info for the secure website with many sports betting and horse betting options while also tracking all your balance/wagers information. 


Casinos as an option obviously depends on your location and legality in your state.  Main Advantage is safest place to bet.  Main Disadvantage is casinos are very inconvenient and don’t offer as many options for betting.  Not going to dive too much into casinos – everyone knows what they are all about.